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Posted by Bluzharper on December 04, 2001 at 13:58:01:

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: : I have a 14 yo niece who has been playing harmonica for about 2 yrs. She is totally blind and cannot get instructional books in braille. Can anyone suggust instructional tapes or cd's that she can listen too. Her taste in music is varied.

I would highly recommend "John Sebastian Teaches Blues Harmonica" this 80 minute video features instruction in Blues, Rock, and Country. The tape is easy to understand and lays a solid foundation for advanced study. It includes scales, note-bending, wah-wahs, tonguing, rhythm playing, train effects, and IMHO is a Good Investment.

For a more Blues oriented tape, "Nothing But The Blues" with Bobby Holman. A great listen and learn.

Avoid cheap casette tapes by "Doug Plus" they are useless junk and poorly done. Also the guy doesnt stand behind this crap he`s peddling. I know first hand...

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