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Posted by Bluzharper on November 29, 2001 at 06:04:50:

In Reply to: amp/echo/reverb posted by randy on November 28, 2001 at 07:37:34:

: I recently ran a mic and harp thru this echo box I bought for my guitar. The sound was that gritty Chicago sound I've been looking for. How did the old timers get that sound? How do modern players get it.

This is just an opinion, so here we go. The old timers could play. Theres the story of the guy who asked Little Walter to open his hand after hearing him play to see what he was using. Its just a harp, he told him. Then my favorite story, the guy who offered James Cotton $300 for his harp. Guess what, he took the money. Ive said it before, a lot of that sound is in the cup, and the seal you get. When you over drive a small speaker you get that sound. Now the trick is overdriving that speaker before feedback sets in. Ive had the pleasure of hearing both players you mention recently. Mr. Portnoy with the Muddy Waters Tribute Band and Mr. Hummel at a local Blues Joint. What did they have in common? Both were using Bassman amps of the tweed variety. Mr. Hummel a Ruskin mic and Mr. Portnoy a JT-30. Mr. Hummel no effects, Mr. Portnoy a Delay Echo pedal. The main thing they had in common, Talent. I dont think you could name a style they didnt cover. Mr. Hummel blew some of the best Chrom Ive ever heard. Oh and by the way Mr. Portnoy sells the best instructional material on the market, "Blues Harmonica Master Class", you can get it thru this site. About cheating, IMHO if you asked the Old Timers, they would probably say how Lucky we are to have sites like this and this technology. They had to figure this stuff out for themselves... Excuse me, Ive got some cheating to do..........Bluz

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