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Posted by Jezzmund on November 21, 2001 at 19:23:30:

I may have solved one of the greatest mysteries on this board--why so many have trouble with draw 2 (especially on G harps).
While working on that very note today, I went to the section on toungue blocking, figuring if I'm stuck I may as well try something new while I'm at it. Lo and behold the draw 2 came out just like it's suppose to!!
My theory is that many newbies come here to learn and pick up the recommended whistle method, then have trouble using it to achieve a decent draw two.
I would like to test this theorem by having everyone try it both ways (pucker and toungue block) and post your results here. What have you got to lose?
Blow your brains out,

p.s., yes, I understand that the toungue blocking may make it more difficult to bend, but hey, I'll take what I can get for now!!

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