blackfoot "train train" any tips please

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Posted by newharper on November 19, 2001 at 06:43:00:

im just starting out as a harmonica player
and bending anything accept hole three is difficult
for me. however i am determined to learn blackfoot's
song train train no matter how long it takes. months
years whatever. i have tryed it with the track and
with my band. from what i can tell the intro must
be tongue blocked (a guess) and the solo's have
a tight group of notes which include many bent notes around holes 2 to 4. if you can, please tell me
if my observsations are correct or is this song
easier than i'm making it out to be. any suggestions
are appreciated.

i play the intro on key of g 2nd pos
solos on key of c 2nd pos (???)

blues rules.... :-)

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