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Posted by blues wanna-be on November 19, 2001 at 00:05:50:

mellow greetings fellow harpers, just want to say thanks to this site's creators and supporters. it's been a week since i bought a harmonica for my son. after 2 days, i found this site and started downloading some tabs. he's been real nifty and read the stuff (altho skipped a lot of technicals) and in about 5 minutes started playing "silent night". the next day, his mom told me my son's been playing the song by ear already... li'l history, i play lead guitar in 2 church bands while my wife sings. our li'l son plays the drums quite very well for a 7 year old. we often do special numbers where i teach my wife easy base lines and i sing.

anyway.. yesterday, we stood in front of the church again for a little special number. only this time, our son didn't play the drums but a "hohner silver star c diatonic". the response was absolutely astounding. God has blessed me so much having a son like him. but also, i am just so blessed with the people who had this site set up.

so if you're one of 'em nice people, thanks very much from the bottom of my heart. may you get more chance to help other people real soon, it pays. rock on.

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