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Posted by Bluzharper on November 18, 2001 at 20:29:46:

In Reply to: figuring out what to play posted by stan on November 18, 2001 at 15:15:35:

: does anyone have a method or idea for figuring out what to play if you have a song with the guitar chords provided but would like to play some harmonica that fits to it?i am thinking with all the guitar tab sites out there, there is lots of potential songs to learn with a little help from the chords for guitar.

Lets take a look at a song. If its a Blues Song chances are it has three positions. Take "Sweet Home Chicago" and lets say the singer likes the key of C, which is my favorite. So were going to grab our F harp which is second position, or cross harp or Blues harp. The song will start in the key of C, so you need to know a few cross harp licks. To keep it super simple, lets say you just inhaled holes 1 and 2 you would have the "Come on" in "Come on Baby, dont you want to go". Now the song will go to the F for the second "Come On" baby dont you want to go. So to keep it super simple lets just Blow 2 then inhale 2. Thats the 4 cord. Heres what I mean. The key is C so C is 1 so count CDEF or 1234. Get it? Those are the cords the guitar is playing. First the C, then the F. Now we come to the turnaround, or the 5. So count 12345 or CDEFG. So we need a few notes that fit the G so lets inhale 4, then Blow 4, thats a super simple turn around. Then its back to the start. So we got a 1D 2D then 2B 2D then turnaround 4D 4B play those notes in a row , see how they fit musically? Now play them in order as fast as you can. From here learn the licks on the Blues Improv and see how they fit musically. Good Luck Bluz...

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