Re: If you have a 2 draw prob- Read the "Breathing" section here

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Posted by Stan Besaw on November 14, 2001 at 14:10:42:

In Reply to: If you have a 2 draw prob, come here first posted by MAZ on November 13, 2001 at 16:43:05:

After many years of teaching and playing, I can tell you that "inhaling from your nose" to play 2 draw with help temporarily but will cause many bigger problems in the long term. This is not recommended. It makes it much more difficult to learn to bend and air volume on draw notes becomes a major issue.

Read the Brreathing section of this site completely, get the harmonica further into your mouth (don't suck with your lips!!) and keep practicing.

Good luck,

: A lot of the messages on this board revolve around the 2 draw, and all the difficulties it has presented to various people. Everyone just creates a new post to address their problem. I would like to keep the message board a little tidy, so If you have a 2 draw problem, just reply to to this post, and people will come help you out. Please come here first for help on your 2 draw. Here is the extent of the 2 draw advice I have picked up from the rest of these messages: inhale from your nose while drawing. That's it. Any more advice on the 2 draw, please post it here so we don't have kiddies postin all over the place and not getting any response. Thanks to all!

: -MAZ

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