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Posted by Bill on November 12, 2001 at 22:52:39:

In Reply to: any jazz chromatic Players?? posted by KBharpman on November 09, 2001 at 08:24:43:

: I am a jazz chromatic player from Canada and would be interested in any favorite jazz tunes that anyone would like to suggest. There dosen't seem to be a site just for advanced chromatic and not many players to talk to about it. I would suggest an area in this site just for chromatic players.
: KBharpman

Well, a wanna-be... I enjoy Toots and Hendrik Meurkins and I can play the chromatic a bit. But I'm just a starter when it comes to jazz theory and being able to improvize over chords and vary the scales between diminished, major, minor and all the other options. I can do some nice stuff as long as I'm playing, say in A minor. That is I can improvise using a single scale... I've mastered Blusette, One Note Samba and a few others, but the mastery of chromatic jazz is still a distand dream. I also play the diatonic and enjoy finding its nuances... it is more playfull... more options for coloring the notes.

I really enjoy Carlos DelJunco! What a master on the diatonic.

All in all to say "I'm working on it" and it's a constant toss of the coin to which harmonica I prefer playing/listening to.



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