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Posted by Shaggy on October 30, 2001 at 15:32:11:

In Reply to: I need help with I, IV, V posted by Martin on October 25, 2001 at 08:28:09:

: I - 2D
: IV - 4B
: V - 4D

: You know what is this. it is for key of "C" and is this below for the key of "G"?

The above is for any key. The key in which it is played depends on the key of the harmonica.

: I - 4B
: IV - 6B
: V - 6D

: Am i on the right way?

No, not really. These are chords, not notes. They can map to any set of notes. In the key of C, the I chord is note C, the IV chord is note F and the V chord is note G.

: Now I, IV, V are only 3 tones and what about the other? i think i don't understand the whole story with these basic mlues improv. I IV V.

They are chords. Blues only uses these three chords. You don't need to worry about others unless you intend to play some other style of music.

All this information I have learned from Mel Bay's Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp by David Barrett, which I purchased through this site. It tought me more about music than I ever knew before.

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