Re: Hohner Golden Melody Harp.

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Posted by Jezzmund on October 29, 2001 at 16:59:34:

In Reply to: Hohner Golden Melody Harp. posted by Jayr on October 26, 2001 at 17:53:46:

: I started about two months ago and experimented with
: different harps. I started on a johnson blues king
: which i got rip off at my local music store, $20.00,
: (on sale at musicalfriends for 99 cents). I than bought
: 2 lee oskars, C & G, than bought the remaining st. keys
: with hohner special 20's. I just received the flats in
: the Hohner golder Melody. Seems like a nice harp, but
: other than the shape is there any difference between them
: and the special 20's ?. They cost about 7.00 dollars
: more.

You've noticed that the GM has the protruding reed plate. This, I understand, moves the reed closer to the front of the harp in order to make bending easier. I have certainly found this the easiest harp to bend on, as well as the smoothest sounding. It is my favorite harp.

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