Re: harmonicas and cats

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Posted by Taco on October 27, 2001 at 12:03:55:

In Reply to: harmonicas and cats posted by Jim on October 26, 2001 at 15:07:21:

. Has anyone else
: experienced this, and will he get used to it?

Cats do hear a MUCH wider range of freqencies than we do, or many other animals for that matter. They put up with an awful lot from us in that they hear hundreds of things in our everyday sounds that our ears don't pick up.

As long as he has a place to get away from the source, he'll probably learn to groove with it just fine. I use a harmonica to meow at the cat, and he thinks that's cool as long as I'm not close when I do it.

Maybe your cat is just worried about having his black cat bones harvested!!! ..............Taco

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