Re: Is my new harmonica a dud? Help a beginner please!!

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Posted by Bill on October 19, 2001 at 15:35:02:

In Reply to: Is my new harmonica a dud? Help a beginner please!! posted by pinksugar28 on October 19, 2001 at 12:05:16:

: When I blow into hole 2 of my diatonic C harmonica it sounds fine, but when I draw there, it sounds flat to me. Is it the harmonica or me? It sounds terrible. Am I drawing incorrectly? It just sounds flat and obnoxious. Help appreciated mucho mucho.

Well, maybe... Hole 2 can be a difficlut draw to master, try drawing hole 1, 2, 3 and see if the chord sounds nice or if #2 still sounds flat. If the chord is fine, it's your draw technique. You must go back to the woodshed! If the chord sounds nasty (flat #2) then order a new harmonia here @ - quick delivery, great prices and you support this site; the #1 resource for the harmonica.

If you have a harmonica that comes apart easy (most except Marine Band) you can try to tune your #2 draw reed. Take your the cover plates off your harmonica, slide a business card under draw reed #2 (2nd reed on top) gently, a very little at a time, in very, small increments (be patient and do just a little at a time) file a bit of the surface of the free tip of the reed down. This will sharpen the note. Do a little at a time and then test the sound. Did I stress "just a little bit" enough..? Too much is hard to undo (flatten the note by filing the base of the reed).

I use a small swiss army knife w/a flat blade to shave of the metal. Any similar device will do, as will a emery board.

It's not unusual to ruin you harmonica on you first tuning attempt! So do this at your own risk.


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