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Posted by Bill on October 16, 2001 at 14:11:53:

In Reply to: blues jamming posted by Tonedeaf on October 16, 2001 at 13:38:55:

: This has to be the no1 site on the net! ive read most of it and its very interesting(ive only been playing for a few months)id like to learn to play blues and the blues improv section is very good....but what am i suppose to sound like? do i just string a load of rifts togeather or just find one that just fits a particular song Thanks td

: Bye the way what do think of the name my wife and kids gave me(its great to have the support of your family)

How you should sound and how you actually sound, are often far apart! Your best tool now is to listen to other player: Sonny Boy Williamson, Sonny Terry, Junior Wells, Carlos Del Junco... There's a long list of great players. So find what you like and try to figure it out on you harmonica. Your second best tool is a small tape recorder or, your computer if you have recording capabilities. Play something you think you do well and record it... Listen to youself and you'll hear where you need improvement. The harmonica is all about practice (like any other musical instrument) fortunately, it's very portable. While it may not be suitable for the waiting room, it sure makes traffic lights go by quickly!

And as for stringing a load of riffs together or finding one that fits.... Yes, do both. String 'em togeher, break 'em apart, switch 'em around, experiment, create... Sometimes it's best to stick with a particular pattern and othertimes not to be predictable.

Hopefull I've left you feeling lost in swirling world of possibilities, but comfortable were you are! Keep playing...


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