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Posted by Rich on September 30, 2001 at 18:28:01:

In Reply to: single note nightmare posted by trnewman on September 19, 2001 at 06:31:27:

: Hello, I just received my first harmonica a few days ago
: and am following the lessons on this wonderful site and a book that
: I purchased. I can't believe you can get the corners of your
: lips close enough to close off the adjacent holes to get a clear
: note. I know that many say if you practice enough, it will eventually
: come. I just can't believe it!!! The holes are too small!! Thanks
: for letting me vent. I'm 31 years old and not used to trying to learn
: a new skill this difficult. I guess that's why I decided to play the
: harmonica in the first place. At this pace, I should be bending by 50....
: Travis

I note that many beginners have trouble with single notes.. I learned with using the whistle method. While while moving the hrp to your mouth. One other thought regarding the beginner and single notes.. Many of the really good people on this board may disagree with me but I belive the harp you are using can help or hinder you. To me a Blues harp is (at the beginners stage) more difficult to single note because the comb is inset slightly which requires a person to be more "perfect" to hit the hole without picking up the hole along side your blow hole. Although I am not familiar with all harmonica companies I do know that both the HOHNER Special 20 and the Lee Oscar diatonics have a comb that sticks out beyond the reed plate. For me it is easier to zero in on that single hole than on the Blues Harp or any others that have an inset comb. Also upscaling to the Chromatic - (I can only speak of the HOHNER as that is what I have) the holes are easily singled out. Good Luck - Rich

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