Interesting Observations and Learning

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Posted by Bluz on September 29, 2001 at 15:05:04:

On occasion you can learn by watching others make mistakes. I would like to reflect on a few observations made recently. One player who attends our local jams is very animated and has the bad habit of turning his back to the crowd when playing. When he just couldnt take it any more, a fellow in the crowd walked up to the stage in the middle of a song and physically turned him around saying "were tired of you shaking your ass in our face". Lesson, face the crowd.
At another jam, I was asked by the Bass player if it would be OK for another harp player to use my rig. I said sure, I was shocked when this player grabbed one of my harps and began to play. "Thanks dude" he said "what do I owe you?". I said "about Twenty five bucks" you just bought that harp. Lesson, bring your own shit.
Do I make mistakes ?? Hell yes! The comments I remember most are the compliments I get on my playing. Every time I dont drink. Lesson, you might think you sound better when you drink a lot, but you dont..
Have you noticed any Interesting Observations lately?

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