Reed plates beyond the comb

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Posted by Guylain on September 22, 2001 at 10:46:08:

Have a BIG problem. Broke my only Hohner Pro Harp (in C) yesterday. It was a nice hand made one.

Went to the music store. Surprise ! Pro Harp is now in MS fashion. They still have good old HM Special 20 in stock but they are back order. Even here in Canada.

The Plastic comb of the MS (Big River and Pro Harp, at least) does not allow adjustments comb/plates (small border in the back). What you see what you get (to bad for personnal preferences).

The Blues one, with a wooden comb, makes adjustments easy. But I don't especially appreciate these sommiers (NFTR : In French in the text).

Feel stuck !

I like MS them when I play tougue technique (that how I was taugh, more than 15 years ago), but since one year, I play whisle, once in a while. The proeminent plates REALLY annoy me (leak problem and soar lips).

Other suggestions than LO (that I find expensive on the long run) ?

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