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Posted by chris king on September 22, 2001 at 06:41:18:

I use a "Shaker" dynamic mike built in Payson Arizona. It has a distorted bluesy Chicago sound. Shaker also offer a crystal mike that is clear and undistorted. When it came to amps I had the most interesting experience. I ran through a few different amps in the beginning. Everything I read kept insisting on a "tube" amp with two tens. I ended up buying a sweet little Pignose rated at 40 watts with a ten inch speaker. It sounded so good and my 6 string electric sounded great through it to boot. One night I was reading one of Gindick's books and it talked about the gritty Chicago sound. The next morning I plugged into a Peavey 100 watt/ 10" Backstage Plus that I had sitting in my closet. As I turned up the volume on the "pre" and "post" knob, I kept thinking my shaker
wasn't on because I was able to crank them both halfway up the scale. I grabbed a harp and blew a quick 4 hole and it about knocked me over backwards! What I discovered was, with this combination I could get that "honking" sound at a very high sound level. It blows away my other amps. I have no idea why, it
just doesn't feed back like the others, so I get incredible volume with it. I don't know if it would work with other mikes but I have definately found my combination.
Chris King Phoenix

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