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Posted by rockinboy on September 11, 2001 at 12:22:47:

In Reply to: Re: second position posted by Bob on September 09, 2001 at 15:28:29:

: : How come all the second positons are a key out on this site ie on the midi files u say C first positon then f second position etc it should of course be G this happens on all the other keys to and on the faourite songs part as well

: F is second position to C, eg: if a song is in C you use an F harp second position, B flat in 3rd. position. If you are playing a G harp in 2nd, you are p;aying in the key of D.

: Have Fun

no g is second positon of c, been told counting key you are on then move 5 notes and you that is second positon, all second positon keys on this site are wrong in the requested song parts and the play along to blues part, dont you agree, thx for reply

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