the story of a boy and his harmonica

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Posted by Zoko Siman on September 07, 2001 at 13:08:33:

I just purchased my first harmonica, through this site, about a week ago and I'm loving it. I have the Lee Oskar diatonic in C and it wonderful.

I'm starting off easy with Mary had a little lamb (or as i say, the mary song) and such. I carry it around with me all day, school, right now, the store. it's great. I'm noticing some things though such as:
Some notes sound really distorted on draws.
Also, my lips often get really dry and my head will move, but my lips will still be back on the hole a few holes ago. Are there and good remedys for not getting dry lips? Any good safe lubricants?
Oh and a personal tip for everyones health, should you try and jam to "Dueling Banjos". Make sure you have a pillow ready to lay down on afterwards. I tried it and I was quite exhausted.

Incase somebody happens to listen to weezer, do you know who does the harmonica playing in "In the garage" and where I might find some info on the techniques that he/she uses? I tried to follow along but I just couldnt get the same texture from it :-\

So, I'm enjoying my new harmonica and hope to continue my carrear. Ya never know, i might be the next Bob Dylan :-D

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