Re: Please recommend tunes to practise

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Posted by Ianthirk on September 07, 2001 at 04:47:24:

In Reply to: Please recommend tunes to practise posted by Laura on September 03, 2001 at 07:25:03:

i know wat you mean, i got a bit bored when i was at that stage. Tell you wat though, playing along to cd's gives a great sense of achievement - like you're getting somewhere.

so purchase Neil Young's album "Harvest" and play along with the harp tracks on that (there's no bending really - only slight articulation); the tracks are: "Heart of Gold" and "Out On The Weekend" the tabs for both are on this site!!! one of which i contributed - yeah man!! Do try and add little touch's of your own though - the tabs are just what people think THEY hear; you may hear slightly different chords or notes.

Hey, also, have you got a copy of the standard blues progression melody?? - if not i could email to ya; again there's no bends, and it sounds pretty darn good compared to three blind mice etc. - but we all have to start somewhere!!!!!!

be sure to e-mail, man, keep harpin' on!

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