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Posted by Shaggy on August 30, 2001 at 20:31:41:

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: : I've been working on bending recently (still have a tough time on 2 & 3 holes). Sometimes I get this very high pitched squeal, almost a ringing sound, on my Lee Oskars (never on my Hohners). Has anyone else heard this? More importantly, what is it and what causes it? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks...

Further to my previous comments, I'd like to point out one more tip.

It is much easier to get a clean sound from 2 & 3 draw on a C or D harp than a G or A harp.

I used to prefer the sound of a low pitched harp, believing that higher pitched ones were a little too high and piercing for my liking. However, after practicing with my key of D Lee Oscar, I'm gaining an appreciation of this higher pitched harp. As I gain some proficiency, I find this sounding better than my Lee Oscar in A or even my Special 20 in G. I find bending the 2 & 3 draw much easier too.

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