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Posted by john [uk] on August 30, 2001 at 10:44:39:

In Reply to: Wooden vs plastic combs posted by Dave on August 29, 2001 at 14:54:48:

: Hi i started playing harp 2 month ago, i can bend good and play some riffs.
: Im playing on a Hohner blues harp ms with wooden combs.
: But today i read on this page that plastic combed harps are better for beginners because they dont leak air.
: So my question is, Should i get a plastic one?
: Will it sound better and will it be easier to learn advanced technices(sp?) like overdraws/blows and throat vibratos?
: And in that case wich harp do u recommend?
: Im confused.

after purchasing many different harps [wood &plastic]i find the marine band [wood]the easiest to bend & overblows etc.wooden comb harps may not be as airtight as plastic but when i was learning i found that the marine band was the easiest to learn on i have only been playing for about 9 months so i am not what you could call a expert,but many pro's use a marine band as there favourite harp. see ya john

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