Conversion of Standard Musical Notation to Blow/Draw?

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Posted by Dean on August 30, 2001 at 07:14:36:

I can read sheet music with reasonable proficiency having played piano and trombone as a teenager. My musics theory skills are rusty (I'm 42 now) I am not a true musician.

Where can I learn to read standard sheet music and equate it to the notes on my diatonic? Is the easiest way to sit down with my C harp ( and other keys)and map out the notes using a piano and a notation sheet and then practice? Surely there are instruction books that will allow me to learn to play the harp from sheet music more or less from the start rather than becoming dependant on a blow draw chart.

I can see that a blow draw chart will get me playing songs more quickly and I will use them and have fun, but I can see a real disadvantage to becoming dependant on them if I want to advance or simply pick up a piece of sheet music or a fake book and play.



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