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Posted by MetalDog on August 29, 2001 at 17:12:37:

Another new player - saying hi.

I took the site's advice and got a Lee Oskar in C. It's a nice, nice thing. When I was a kid I spent two years on the cheapest, nastiest violin in the world - even the teacher couldn't make it sound nice - and it killed my desire to play after a while. This harp sounds good when I get it right and that's sweet.

One question - I had a heck of a time getting any sound (other than the dog whistle) out of draw two and draw and blow ten. Everything else came easy. I eventually got a G out of draw 2, but it was by doing some weird stuff with my tongue against the roof of my mouth more than all the different ways of breathing I tried. Is this okay, or am I breathing horrible wrong and should I concentrate on that?
Also, it's much, much harder to maintain the single note on draw two - is that normal or again, am I doing something bad habitwise I should break right away?

I just want to get out on the right foot. I can't stand Mary had a little lamb, so I've been practicing with Dirty Old Town (fudging a major end to the minor? last couple of notes, which I think will need bending and I ain't ready for that.)

You all seem incredibly friendly - been a pleasure reading through the posts.


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