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Posted by Brian on August 23, 2001 at 19:44:56:

In Reply to: Re: favorite harp song posted by Patrick J. McKenna on August 23, 2001 at 14:53:55:

: : : : i was just wonderin' what everyones favorite harmonica songs were.

: : : Brian,
: : : Great Question,
: : : Give me any song by William Clarke. I love Swing Blues, west coast style. Throw in any song with Kim Wilson blowin harp and it just dont gets no Better. Honorable mention, Rod Piazza and Paul DeLay... just one fools humble opinion....

: : i certainly wouldn't call you a fool. some of my favs are whammer jammer, cristo redemptor, b- thing by carlos del junco, clay's blues by red archibald, roller coaster by little walter- dennis gruenling also does a killer version. andy just's "the slam", i also could go on and on....

: Hey Guys...
: I failed to mention "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White," which I think was covered (marvelously, I must say) by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. A fellow harp player loaned me a various artists tape which featured that song. It blew me away so much...that I took the time and figured it out! "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" is just one of hundreds of songs which deserve mention.
: Brian, I think you might've opened the floodgates by asking what everyone's favorite harmonica songs are!!!
: Wishing you success in your endeavors,
: Patrick

nothing wrong with opening the flood gates when it comes to music. i was just trying to get an idea of what everybody dug. and i agree, kim wilson does an awesome job on "cherry pink...".

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