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Posted by Weekend Bender on August 22, 2001 at 06:56:41:

I'm sure someone here can help me with this question, first a little backround. I've been at this harp for about a year and I can make some cool sounds, my breathing is just now becomming adequate. Over the year I started tilting the open end of the harp up slightly to help bend notes. I believe that with this technique I also covered part of the bottom of the holes making the entire airway slightly smaller. Now that I have a little stronger breathing I have to use the entire hole and I sometimes get a pretty ugly airy noise (naturally the most noticably on the 2 and 3 hole). I've recently found that when, as suggested on this site, I put the harp further into my mouth I get away from that ugly sound. When I do this I'm still placing more of my upper lip on the harp than my lower lip. I suppose it's just habbit from previous bending practice. My question, is this a normal practice I can use or a bad habbit that I will eventually want to break.

Thanks in advance.
Weekend Bender

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