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Posted by john on August 18, 2001 at 10:01:32:

In Reply to: Just another newb posted by Ceezer on August 15, 2001 at 13:35:25:

: Howdy all! I have a question. I stopped by my local music store the other day and picked up a Hohner Blues Harp MS G. I picked this one out, for it's title (I want to learn to play blues on it), and the only other type I saw was some sort of Marine Corps Band harmonica in the key of C.

: My question is, would it be so significantly hard to learn on a "G", and should I go find a "C" to learn on, or will this one suffice with a little more effort?

: Thank you for any help

you could find it hard to bend notes on a harp in the key of G.the marine band harp is one of the best blues harps ever made,and due to the nature of the reed plates you may find that bending notes on this harp are easier,the key of C is the best key to use.

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