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Posted by Webmaster on August 16, 2001 at 01:14:23:

We sincerely hope you've learned and benefited from our site's detailed instruction and many site extras (including this Message Board). We strive to be the next best thing you will find to private lessons with a top-notch harmonica teacher.

Since instruction books, videos, and CDs cost you real money that goes to the authors for their work and time, we hope that you and our other site visitors will begin to think of this site as "Shareware" harmonica instruction.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours have already been committed to Harmonica in design, research, programming, content creation/writing, site construction, troubleshooting technical problems, email response, and general maintenance.

So far we've done our best to avoid pop-up ads, outside advertising, and forced subscription fees. If you've supported us by using our affiliate STORE, thank you. The addition of this store has helped a bit, but the income we derive has not come close to generating the kind of revenue we need to meet expenses and continue expanding the site.

We will soon be sending out our monthly Newsletter (you can signup by clicking on the NEWSLETTER graphic on the homepage) with more info and details on how to contribute or you can use the link below now to visit the "Support This Site" page.

Thank you all for your support and play on,

P.S. In the next few months, your contributions will allow us to add-
**Streaming video instruction (big job ahead, but we've already bought the DV camcorder)
**Upgraded Message Board (no more duplicate messages)
**Upgraded Chat Room- look for scheduled chat sessions with pros from the harmonica world.
**And generally continue to grow and expand the site.

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