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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on August 13, 2001 at 19:45:20:

In Reply to: Oddly bitter truth posted by Swing Kid on August 13, 2001 at 18:25:07:

: Ok...scenario. I buy my harp, slowly build up my skills on it...played "Down in the Valley" about 50,000 times. And just recently got bending down pat. But one thing Im beginning to realize is, not that many people like the harp. I tell some people I play the harmonica and they usually go something like "Oh...thats nice...heh". The people I thought would back me up in it, my friends, have now dubbed it the whore-monica. Ive even travelled out to the nearby city of Reading PA to local blues bars, where they have live music, and still have yet to see another harper. I just love the blues harmonica, so much soul, yet such fun too. Is this just some odd depression in my area? Thanks for reading, jam on.

Hey Swing Kid,
You are not alone. Some of the players from whom we would expect professional respect (and courtesy from), often turn out to be individuals who can best be described in words that are not suitable for polite company. Don't let them disappoint you.
@ 18 years ago, while searching for a band to gig with (as a bassist), I spoke with C&W/R&R musician about possibly joining his group. When I mentioned that in addition to electric bass, I also play upright bass (which I thought would open more prospects), I was told that the band would probably not be interested in using an upright bass. I figured that an upright bass would've been great on older numbers (i.e., songs by Hank Williams Sr.), rockabilly, etcetra.
Some players (some of whom fall far short of professional standards) are downright ignorant. I also play guitar. At one session, I put down my electric bass and worked on a song with a guitar player. The drummer, who thought that he was a band leader (he was one of the worst...and most boneheaded drummers that I've ever known) did not like this one bit. He seemed convinced that just because a guitar player is a guitar player, he would know all the chord changes and that a bass player is out of line when he trades licks with a guitar player. Needless to say, nothing came of this, except that a guitarist and I figured out one song.
If you wanted to post an inquiry about experience with ignorant, narrow-minded, mean and two-faced players, the Message Board would be flooded with postings.
My guess is, your so-called friends that call your harp a "whore-monica" don't play the harmonica...and that you are more popular with the ladies than the losers mentioned in your posting.
Sadly, there are a lot of individuals that don't take the harmonica very seriously. Those individuals probably don't deserve to be taken too seriously.
Harp on, Brother and have fun!
Wishing you success in your endeavors,

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