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Posted by john on August 12, 2001 at 08:15:41:

In Reply to: Harmonica Type Question posted by Philphil on August 11, 2001 at 21:24:29:

: Hello, I'm very keen on learning how to play the harmonica and after reading a lot of the articles on this webpage and the message board, I've come to the conclusion that the best harmonica to start off with is either a Key C Lee Oskar Diatonic or Hohner Special 20.

: Unfortunately, where I live (Hong Kong), I can't find any vendors selling either of these models. Could you please give me some advice on which of the following models besides the previously mentioned 2, which i should get to start off with, thanks!

: 1. Hohner Great Little Harp
: 2. Hohner Big River Harp
: 3. Hohner Pro Harp(Key of A, because Key of C is sold out in all the outlets *sigh*)
: 4. Some other model?

: And finally yes, I know I can order a Special 20 online, but I'd prefer to leave that as my final solution because shipping takes ages, the prices are a rip (compared to Hong Kong prices e.g. Hohner Pro Harp costs around US$30 online+shipping and US$15 in Hong Kong) and I'd just like to go out and buy one instead of rotting at home waiting =)

as a learner myself i have puchased several different types of harps mostly hohner including the pro harp,the blues harp,cross harp,marine band harp,black blues harp[hering],plus a few other less expensive harps.i find that the MARINE BAND is by far the best harp,i find it easier to bend notes and has a verygood blues sound.The marine band has a wooden comb and most people will tell you that harps with wooden combs are not as airtight as they should be making them difficult to play,[ especialy when learning]but i find them easier to learn on.
good luck. john [uk].

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