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Posted by Blues Whore on August 05, 2001 at 05:48:33:

In Reply to: Safety Tips posted by Ray on August 05, 2001 at 03:17:38:

: First time owner of early 1950's tube amp.

Here are just a few of the basic safety tips for tubers no matter what year it is.
No.1 Never mess with an amp thats plugged in.
Even an amp thats unplugged can have lethal voltage stored in its components. If your not sure, DONT DO IT.
No.2 Tubes stay Hot after the amp is off. Give them some time to cool or use a rag or glove when making tube changes. Never force a tube into a socket, you can damage the pins. Make sure the tube you sub is ok for that use.
No.3 Amp Turn the volume down when turning on an amp or plugging in your mic. Feedback takes a short time to trash a speaker, and if your at a gig you`ll look unprofessional.
No.4 Never ever wrap a fuse with tin foil. If its blowing its because something is wrong. Ive seen a few fried amps from doing this old trick.
No.5 Be Careful with amp "Mods" or modifications. Whats great for guitar can be terrible for harp.

This is not safety related but keep in mind old amps might need to have tubes or speakers or caps aka capacitors replaced, so dont pay too high a price. Before you buy, do some homework, check the net for going prices. A site called Harmony Central has user Reviews of almost all amps. Read thru and get a feel for it. All The Best and Never Give It Away, The Blues Whore....

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