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Posted by pro joe on August 04, 2001 at 13:38:47:

In Reply to: Re: another damaged harmonica question.... posted by notPopper on August 03, 2001 at 20:14:42:

: thanks for the reply blues lover. I kinda thought this would be the answer I would get and since my asking I seemed to have gotten the 2 draw hole to work....most of the time. Its defiantly the breathing. Blowing from the diaphram is confusing me.

: As far as using the Popper harmonica that I caught, after almost 3 years (caught it at a July 4th Red Rocks show) of it sitting on my desk it was calling me....."play me play me". I figured it would be what Popper would want. Thanks Again BL!!

: "Oh, kiss the mountain air we breathe
: Good-bye it's time to fly.
: Sparrow climb, the air is thinner,
: Open wings cast this valley in the shade.

: Fires dance the shadows
: Winds whisper the trees
: Mother talkin' the water's
: Spirit moves, it moves through all things." WSP

: Peace All,

: notPopper

: : It's not the harmonica. The 2 draw is a difficult note on all harps that I'm aware of. Relax your mouth, allow for the maximum possible space for the sound to resonate, and draw from your diaphragm and not your mouth. Another thing that helps with 2 draw (though it may be bad technique) is keeping your nasal passages open while you draw on that particular hole. I don't know why, but that makes it sound better. It'll start sounding just fine with practice.

: : You played a harp that John Popper played? Ewwww... I would have stuck it in a glass display case forever. :)

: : : I know that this has been asked on different occasions, but I guess its now my turn. I have a Hohner Special 20 C harmonica (recently purchased...still have receipt) that I "think" may have a bad reed in blow hole 2 when breathin in....sounds terrible. The reason I'm not sure is that I have another Special 20 Df (which I caught from J.Popper at a Blues Trav concert) that has the same problem. What are the odds that the only two harps I have experiencing the same bad reed problem. I am a beginner, so I am open to the idea I'm not breathing right. Thanks in advance!

: : :
Allow me to get in on this one. My buddy works for blues traveler and has a bunch of popper's harmonicas--none are in a glass case-
I hope as a beginner you are not hung up on sounding like popper in the near future. If you are still at the stage where 2 draw sounds bad then you need to playing a lot of campfire songs. Practice easy campfire songs for about 15 minutes, then take a 5 minute break, and close with a 10 minute improv. session, blues style.
Repeat this 2 times a day for the next 2 years and you might get pretty good. If you want to play along with a CD/album try Howlin wolf. Most of his songs are in g or E, so a c and A harp are necessary for the poplar cross note position. Good luck and feel free to write me with questions. joe

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