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Posted by Frogger on August 01, 2001 at 18:52:38:

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: (also have a SM-57). Any comments on the Ruskin mics?

: That Pro Junior is an excellent Harp Amp, at a jam I used to go to in Detroit the house bands singer and frontman used one. When not in smaller clubs he used a 57 to mic it into the PA on a radio shack short stand. A Green Bullet into a PJ is a simple yet very good sounding set up. You can also do the tube swap thing with it. As far as Ruskins go, a local player uses one and loves it. This guy knows his stuff. He said its slightly smaller and easier to cup. It took him awhile to get it due to a fire they had at Ruskins office and shop. Ive heard alls back to normal now. Good Luck to Ya and Harp On..

Really appreciate the help, Bluzharper! Was going to re-tube the Pro Junior anyway--Ruby Tubes EL84's and EH preamp tubes--Torres recommends 5751's (not sure of the gain rating but it's a lot less than 12AX7's. We guitar tubeheads love tons of gain--guess I need to re-align my brain cells for harp! (am nuts over the Little Walter 'growl' and assumed it was gain/overdrive).

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