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Posted by John on July 25, 2001 at 13:48:19:

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took me a while to finally pick it up but I pretty much followed the directions given in this site and started on the 4 draw, the easiest one to hit. I also picked up a book from Mel Bay, Chicago Blues Harp. It gave a cross section of the mouth, showing where the tongue sits when you're trying to bend a note. One little trick that worked for me was to draw on 4 and then start moving your tongue around in your mouth. You'll notice a difference. Eventually you catch the "spot" where the note is bending. It is SOOOOO cool when you can finally nail that sucker. I've been harping only for a few months but I make a conscience effort to practice bends at least five to ten minutes a day. You'll be surprised how quickly it'll come to you and you'll wonder why it took so long. Good luck and have fun!!

: Hi everyone

: I've just started trying to bend notes and i'm not having much success. I've read thru the bending section and it says the bent note is supposed to go down in pitch, but i keep getting a note higher in pitch. And it says that some ppl may take forever to learn how to bend, i think i'm one of them.
: Anyone has some tips for me???
: thanks!!!

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