Interested in a Great Street Musician? Read This

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Posted by Rich on July 22, 2001 at 19:12:39:

Bluzharper had a recent post on street music. I was on vacation from Michigan and heard an absolutely fabulous street musician - one man Blues Band on
the waterfront in Victoria British Columbia a couple weeks ago. Sounded like at least 4 people playing.

His name is Dave Harris. He had CD's. I bought several. His address is (from his CD): Dave Harris... 2962 Millgrove Street..Victoria, B.C. V9A 1X3 ... Dave's Phone/Fax # is 250-384-0236 email is .... for those who may be interesed in his music.

Plays the Fotdella (foot actuated bass guitar of sorts), Harmonica, Steel Bodied
Guitar, Tamborine and bass drum and cymbal all at the same time. Interspersed with a great singing voice. Also switched to fiddle when appropriate. Absolutely
awesome. I've never heard a person play the harmonica this good from a holder while playing another instrument. Hope some of you are interested in supporting this fine performer.
Rich Oas
Munising MI
I have no dog in this ..just an appreciation of a really fine musician.

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