Blues Jams - The Good ,Bad, and Ugly..

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Posted by Bluzharper on July 16, 2001 at 08:01:01:

Like Nick I play a lot of Jams and Open Mics.In my area, N.Ohio and can see it all. A well run Jam can be a lot of fun and educational. After awhile you become friends and know other players skill levels. Many bands have formed from people jammin together. There are lists on the net of Jam dos and donts. One of the thinks thats always amazing to see is the guy with the $2000 guitar thats out of tune and cant afford a $12 tuner. Ive also encountered guitar and bass players who tune to a flat thinking they sound more like Stevie or Jimmi. I carried an Ab harp just for this occasion,you knew the next song would be Pride and Joy or Red House. If youre planning on sitting in at a Blues Jam know the changes and have an idea of what you want to, and can play. If your a singer, thats a big plus. Dont be a stage hog, dont blow harp over other musicians solos or singing, unless your doing rhythm and know what your doing. One of the best jams Ive ever been to was run by a harp player. His rig was always the loudest. Jams should not be a competition and should be fun for all who play. Know your comfort zone. If you play guitar, have a tuner and have it in tune before you take the stage. Remember nothing turns a crowd off like feedback. Where never is heard a discouraging word, never say negative shit, no matter how bad a musician or guitar player is. You can really kill someones dreams. Dont take it all too seriously, its a jam and train wrecks happen. Keep the drinking to a minimum at least until after you play. I would really like to hear about jams in other areas and parts of the world, and your experience. Keepin the Blues Alive.....Bluz

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