Harmonica Player Needed - You'll Do Fine!!

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Posted by nattyboy on July 15, 2001 at 14:49:04:

Hey Harp lovers,
I've found a great jam along cd which is Chicago based and has musicians of great stature...check it out at www.bluesharmonica.com It's called "Sitting in with the Greats". The web site owner is David Barrett and he is awesome, helpful and fun. He has provided the song keys and recommended harp keys to play along. Songs include: Got my Mojo Working, That's All Right and Sweet Home Chicago to name a few, there are 11 tracks in all. Do it now - check it out. I've purchased his beginners series and have learnt more from his course than any other books I've got. He's a teacher not a preacher and provides challenging stuff. I really dig his Soloing Concepts book and cd which includes 8 tracks to play along to. Totally Awesome.

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