L.O. and Golden Melody

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Posted by Blues Lover on July 14, 2001 at 21:23:55:

I'm a naturally indecisive person. I'm afraid buying that Golden Melody may have been a bad idea. I love my Lee Oskar and my Golden Melody, and I can't decide which one to do all my learning on! They both sound so beautiful, and they're both super easy to bend on, so I'm torn between the two!

Can the reed plates on the GM be replaced, as on the L.O. and the Sp20? If not, what kind of life expectancy can I expect from it? That might figure into my decision. If it has a finite life-span, I might just let it sit until I have gotten a little better at playing.

I didn't need it, I just thought it looked cool and wanted it, even though I had just bought my Lee Oskar. Now I'm hosed. What do I do? :)

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