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Posted by Bluzharper on July 11, 2001 at 11:13:13:

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Be glad to Pete,
The Dan-Echo is a guitar effects pedal and comes closest to reproducing the sound of the old tape echos. If youve heard any Rockabilly or Stray Cats music youre hearing a Gretsch White Falcon Guitar thru a tape delay or echo into a Fender Tube Amp.My Harp amp, a 59 Bassman RI has no reverb so I use the Dan-Echo for some slap back. Several local harpers in my area use the D.E. I bought my first one for guitar playing I did some experimenting and loved the sound I got from it with my Harp Rig. Its one of the only effects I own or use. You can control the speed legnth and number of repeats with it. It also has a high cut which cuts some of the high freq on the signal. The book that comes with it is a must have. You can do some really wild things with it, especially on guitar. I bridge the channels on the Bassman using the Dan-Echo and can control the amount of effect that Im getting that way. Cost about $100 and you can get one thru this site.. Hope that fills you in ...Bluz

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