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Posted by Jezzmund on July 10, 2001 at 18:26:20:

In Reply to: Need "A " Harp posted by John Parkson on July 10, 2001 at 18:05:10:

I think "A" is an excellent choice for a second harp.
You can't go wrong with a Lee Oskar or Hohner Special 20. There are some other good options as well. I will tell you this: me and many others have had difficulty with the draw 2 on a LO in "A". I don't know if it's us or the harp--draw 2 is just a tough note (for reasons I still don't understand). Don't let this disuase you from the LO, it is a great instrument and otherwise very easy to play. Personally I enjoy using a variety of harps, for the same reason a dog licks its balls-- because I can!!!!!
Blow your brains out,

: I have a Hohner blues harp in the key of C. I really like it because I can play clean notes from it, but I would like to play with a lower tone. So what would you get if you were a beginner and wanted to play in the key of A? Thanks

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