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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on July 08, 2001 at 19:53:40:

In Reply to: Right Harmonica for Begineer posted by metta on July 07, 2001 at 20:31:17:

: Dear Harpers,
: Which is the most suitable harmonica for a
: novice who is starting out and what are some of the basic
: notes which die die must grasps to have a good basic foundation?
: Thank you in advance for sharing.

: Happy and many enjoying hours of harping.
: Metta

Dear Metta...
This site has excellent advice on choosing the right harmonica. My advice is the same: start with a decent harmonica in the key of C. The Marine Band or the Special 20 are excellent for both the beginner and the experienced professional. Just beware of defective harmonicas. Not all defects originate at the factory. It can be a long and rough trip from the assembly line to the music shop. Keep your reciepts, just in case...
I strongly advise you to get some decent instruction books. Learn to read both standard music and tab (the system which directs which holes to blow and draw on).
There is a lot of potential for the harmonica player to play a lot of music. Learn from different players and learn different styles. Don't become a player that plays only blues, only bluegrass or only classical music. Become versatile and by all means, HAVE FUN!
Wishing you success in your endeavors.

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