The Golden Melody

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Posted by Danny P on July 06, 2001 at 07:31:41:

In Reply to: Lee Oskar and the Hohner Meisterklasse posted by Blues Lover on July 05, 2001 at 20:07:49:

I have a Golden Melody in A.

First off, it won't fit in a harmonica holder very easily, if even at all, which is a shame because the chords on it sound great.

But it fits the hands extremely well and it is very loud compared to many others.

I've read somewhere that it is tuned differently than most other harps (some are tuned to where chords sound better and others are tuned for melodies.) and I think it's tuned for chords.
(Something to do the the tempered scale I believe...) The notes are in the same order but mathematically, something's different.

The holes are skinnier than a Special 20 or a Lee Oskar and for me, that made it really hard to play single notes at first. I can get it a lot better now that I've had it a while.

Honestly, I really like it though. It has a great sound, great feel, and great volume.


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