Sousa Band Harps and Lee Oskar

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Posted by Danny P. on July 05, 2001 at 15:16:26:

A few months ago a ran across an inexpensive harmonica called a "Sousa Band." I bought a Bb and an F.

While they aren't as good as a Lee Oskar or a Special 20, they sure beat the hell out of any other "low-end" harp.

Has anyone else bought any of these? If so, were yours as good as mine?

The only things I don't like about them are that A. you can't find them in most stores and B. they seem to leak a little bit of air resulting in a harp that isn't quite as loud.

The worst I've played so far are the "3-for-$10" specials from Musicians Friend. While they are a cheap way to get those keys you don't have, they are extremely airy and taste like plastic. Not very loud either, because of the airy-ness.

As for all the people talking about their bum Lee Oskars, I bought a D and I have never had a single problem with it. I'll definetely buy more.


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