Practice studio in a breifcase a.k.a. The Woodshed

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Posted by A.J. on July 03, 2001 at 07:31:33:

My first post...........
Had to share this. One because I'm proud of my little creation and second because I need help finishing it.
I have to practice in different locations, home and work. Carrying and setting up my practice stuff was a pain. My solutionwas to get all my "stuff" in one box, all connected, fast to set up and tear down and able to be set up any place. The gear includes my practice harps, 4 to 10 CDs, music and instruction books, a portable CD player, cordless headphones, a tuner, a metranome, the Lee Oskar fix it tool kit and a Riff Master. Home Depot came to the rescue with a technician's aluminum briefcase. This case has pockcts you'd swear were made for harps and is only $20. I made an aluminum shelf about 2" tall and about 4" x 6" and bolted it into the case. Using Velcro the CD player and Riff Master got mounted on top of the shelf. A power strip is mounting tape afixed in front of the shelf and all the wall warts are plugged into it. All the devices are wired together and the wires are tucked under the shelf. Now i can set the case on a table, open it, plug in the power strip, pull out the cordless headphone transmitter, put on the head phones and away I go. The set up is maybe 30 seconds if I'm having a slow day. I've nicknamed my little box the Woodshed.
What would make this thing better would be a gizmo that is small and allows one to play and record on cassette tape and has a CD player as well. It's got to be flat and small as in portable CD player small, okay, okay a little bigger but not much. Any thoughts?

By the way I bought another of these cases to haul my giging gear when I play out. Works great but I'd like to fasten something to the bottom which would screw onto a microphone stand head. Any ideas here?

Thanks A.J.

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