Charlie McCoy

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Posted by Belle on June 29, 2001 at 09:25:48:

I have been listening to Charlie Mc Coy "Greatest Hits" and "Harpin The Blues". Wow! He sounds like he's playing a violin. How does he slide around on those songs? Is he playing a chromatic or a diatonic? I've only been blowing and drawing for about three months and assume it will take years to become any kind of
proficient on these little gems. I have been working with Dave Barretts Complete Classic Chicago Blues set and then bought Jerry Portnoys Complete Blues Master
Class. They are both excellent, however Dave Barrett is
a bit more difficult to accomplish some of his lessons, while Jerry Portnoys seems to be a lot clearer
in the the way he gets his point across. I have eight of the diatonic keys and a Hohner 270 Chromatic. Right now my biggest problem that I am stuck on is blowing octives on the diatonic. It seems a lot easier on the chromatic. I presume it is a case of practice and teaching the necessary muscles to remember. Being an old guy (70's) I just hope I can become a better player while I know a blow from a draw! And again, I am really impressed by the willingness of all you good players and professional players to answer all of these sometimes repetitive questions we beginners keep
posting on this site. If everyone we met in everyday
life were as helpful, wouldn't we have a much different
world! Music, Humor and Love the three foundations of
a peaceful world.

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