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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on June 28, 2001 at 17:39:27:

In Reply to: Some advice, please posted by John on June 27, 2001 at 15:14:51:

: Hey folks, I've got several great resources for learning the harmonica, this site being one of them. I was hoping to get a little advice on how you all structure your practices. I'm a bit of a novice so I figure besides trying to learn a song or two, I should devote some time to doing drills, practicing various bends, etc. I also come from a military background and find myself going "ok, 10 minutes practicing bends; 10 minutes on scales; 10 minutes learning a new song." Ok, may be a little too structured but there are a bunch of a bunch of accomplished harp players here and I'm just hoping to learn from the best. Thanks folks!

The way that you organize your practice and learning, you may become among "the best" a lot quicker than you might have planned.
Structured practice is a good way to learn. If you stick to a strict regimen (i.e., maintain a 45 minute practice routine without taking breaks), even you should notice improvement. Keep harpin'!
Wishing you success with your endeavors.

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