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Posted by Patrick J. McKenna on June 28, 2001 at 17:28:57:

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: : Does anyone know where I can get harmonica lessons in albuquerque? I have some experience but I need to learn the more advanced stuff like bending and trilling. And yes, I did look at the explanation for bending on this site, but it didn't help me any...HELP PLEASE...thank you, have a splendiforous evening.

: I never took any harmonica lessons, but I did alright. However, I should've done better.
: My instructors were the Yardbirds, the Beatles and others. Yup! I listened to records. I also read books. In addition to all that, some of my friends and I shared similar musical interests...and we weren't the classic examples of teenaged musical geniuses
: either.
: Be patient. Read the books, and follow the instructions step by step. While you're at it, learn to read both standard musical notation and the tab system. Don't become musical illiterate but on the other hand don't become a slave to the tab system nor limited to being just an ear player. (You can find good musicians in each of those categories.) Before I digress too far, start with a decent harmonica in the key of C. Make friends among the local music scene. Also, check out the following recordings:
: "I'm a Man" by the Yardbirds
: "Love Me Do" by the Beatles
: "Psychotic Reaction" by the Count V
: "I Should've Known Better" by the Beatles
: "Now Look What You've Done" by the Rolling Stones
: The list goes on, but the above listed songs should not be too difficult to learn. A guitarist can help you find the notes. Get the guitarist to play the note of the harmonica riffs on the guitar, tell you what notes to play and help you to capture those notes. By this time, you should already know how to tongue block.
: DO NOT GIVE UP. Your first efforts will probably be very frustrating. Those disappointing moments of frustration are all part of the learning stage. Getting a few headaches is just part of paying your dues to our exclusive ranks, to which I would personally like to welcome you.
: Wishing you success in your endeavors,
: Patrick

My computer skills still leave much room for improvement.
To correct an error, my comment on learning to learn to play by music, tab and ear should've read as follows:
Don't become a musical illiterate but on the other hand, don't become a slave to the STANDARD MUSIC SYSTEM nor limited to being just an ear player.
As I've said numerous times before, I will say again, learn from various sources; listen to records; read books; learn basic theory & harmony; check out different players & bands; talk with others and learn what you can from them(but don't forget, that some advice is worth taking on, while other advice is worth disregarding).
Just a few other harmonica players, whose recorings are worth collecting (for both entertainment and instruction) are:
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
Charlie McCoy
the Fabulous Thunderbirds (Kim Wilson)
Jimmie Reed
Paul Butterfield
Charlie Musselwhite
and the list goes on...

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