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Posted by Bluzharper on June 25, 2001 at 19:22:20:

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Harpers and Blues Fans,
If youre into speed and accuracy and down right cool checkout Dave Gage, theres a link from this site. John Popper is a Hohner endorsee, meaning he gets paid to playem, free harps ect. Willaim Clarke has passed as you state. Do yourself a favor and checkout his body of work, its amazing. Mr Clarke along with Rod Piazza are west coasters and students of the George "Harmonica" Smith school of Harp. When your talkin west coast Paul DeLay has to be mentioned. His best IMHO is "Ocean of Tears".. I hate to write about players and not mention Charlie Musselwhite. Im doing my best to get every CD he has out. VooDoo Garden is my favorite CM tune. I had the pleasure of seeing him not long ago. Were talking serious professional, on stage on time, no Bull Shit, all the sound checks taken care of and ready to play.... Great Shows, dont miss him if hes in the area. Sorry for rambling....Bluz

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