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Posted by Ron on June 15, 2001 at 07:48:13:

In Reply to: Beginners Question posted by Spencer on June 14, 2001 at 19:43:06:

Practice! If you are a beginner you should expect this to be a challenge for you. Over time, you will develop muscle memory that will allow you to go from one note to any other note on the harp without any thought. Little jumps (one or two holes) will come faster than big jumps (say from the 2 to the 6).

As you probably know, there are a two common techniques to achieve single notes - the pucker method and tounge block method. Most people learn the pucker method first and then learn the tounge block method. I went the other way round because I found tounge blocking easier. The reason that I mention this is because I think that tounge blocking gives you a tactile reference as to where you are on a hole or holes. You might mess around with tounge blocking if you have not yet done so. Info on both techniques can be found on this web site.

Good luck and have fun!


: When I play, I can usually get clean notes until I move between holes. I seem to position my mouth between holes (like on the seperator bar) so I get a sloppy sound due to 2 notes being played. How can I tell if I am straight ahead in the center of the hole so I get a good clean note consistently?

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