oskar lee "c"

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Posted by bellie on June 06, 2001 at 01:26:16:

hey everybody i just bought myself a new oskar lee "c" major.. im new .. i got it a few days ago and ive been playing a few hours every nite.. well i can bend 4.. but not 3.. but thats not the question :P
well my 2 draw... it sounds reeaalii weird.. like a dead.. train.. ` even if i block 1 and 3 with my thumbs and draw it sounds the same.. just a bit better.. when i listen to the sample of 12 bar blues on this site.. it doesnt sound like mine.. i read the previous post about the other brand not being able to use the 2 draw properly.. i wa sjust wondering if its me and itll come in time.. or if it might be the harmonica ?... the other notes work properli.. well thankyou!!
(1 blows and draws well)

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